September 13, 2011

So we bought a dresser today. After 20–some years of marriage we have never had one. We have used alterative methods of storing clothing, I won’t go into detail but you don’t want to see our bedroom. We saw this one at Costco but the price was more than we really had to spend given the recent replacement of both a computer and a water heater. I was in Costco today for some odds and ends and saw that the dresser was marked down to half-price (and a third of what they are offering them for on line). That made it a no brainer, checking the finances, and doing some research with a measuring tape, I determined that we could afford it at that price; it would fit in the car and into the house.

Quita stepped out of work a little early and took the subway to the stop near Costco where I picked her up and we drove over to the store, where we purchased the next to the last of the remaining dressers. The dresser was much heavier than anticipated, and it required the help of a passer-by in the parking to get it into the car. Arriving at home we awaited the return of Padraig from school at which time we recruited to assist us with the unloading, and uncrating. Removing the enclosing box and drawers made the dresser much lighter and enabled us with some effort to get it up the steep front steps and into the front hallway of the house. Eyeing the seventeen narrow stairs to the 2nd floor (oh the joys of 10 and 1/2 foot ceilings) it was clear that it was beyond the capacity of the three of us, (me, one small but strong woman and one 16 year old with no upper body strength) to get it up those stairs.

We needed at least one other adult who is capable of handling heavy cumbersome loads. The obvious choice was our good friend and neighbor across the street who works as a baggage handler at the airport. Quita called over to the house and his wife (also our good friend) answered the phone. Upon inquire of hubby’s availability his wife replied, ‘He just threw out his back, in fact I am just getting the massage table out to give him a once over.’

And so, our new dresser sit is the entry hall awaiting it’s relocation until we can find the manpower to move it to the 2nd floor.

Dear neighbor and friend, I hope that your back heals quickly, I realize that his seems a little self serving, but I do hate to see anyone in pain, and I also look forward to getting this dresser out of my hallway.

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